‘I’m still overwhelmed at everybody’s generosity. The survey was a success and some of my symptoms are disappearing already. I’ve been given a new lease of life and everyone who contributed time, money, love, support has made it so’ – JoJo Smith

All The Acts:

4th – Al Pitcher and Jarred Christmas
5th – Jarred Christmas and Al Pitcher
6th – Eddie Brimson plus guest, MC Sarah Breese

7th – Thom Tuck, MC Sarah Breese

9th – Lou Conran and Matt Rees, MC Sarah Breese
10th – Ivo Graham and Rosie Jones, MC Sarah Breese
11th – Nick Revell and Leroy Brito
12th – Jess Fostekew TitAthon and Leroy Brito
13th – Kiri and Rachel All Killa No Filla, Leroy Brito
14th – Laura Lexx, MC Sarah Breese
16th – Joe Lycett and Eshaan Akbar, MC Sarah Breese
17th – Jason Manford, MC Sarah Breese
18th – Lee Ridley and Rosie Jones
19th – TBA
20th – Fin Taylor
21st – Nish Kumar, MC Sarah Breese
23rd – Phil Nichol, MC Sarah Breese
24th – Mark Olver
25th – Tom Goal
26th – Gary Delaney and Mark Nelson
27th – TBA

Acts may change at short notice & all that jazz.